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Savior Equipment Apollo Ear Muffs - OD Green

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Savior Equipment Apollo Ear Muffs - OD Green


More bang for your buck.

  • Passive Sound Dampening - 24dB NRR
  • Active Electronic Sound Compression
  • Compact Collapsible Design
  • Includes
    • Adaptive Cool Gel Ear Pads
    • 1x American Flag Patch
    • 1x Savior Writable ID Patch
    • 2x AAA Energizer Batteries
  • Imported


Materials that make it Savior Equipment.

  • Padded Mesh Handband w/ Adjustable Wire Frame
  • Stainless Steel Microphone Mesh Covering
  • Dual Omnidirectional Microphones
  • High Dynamic Range Speakers
  • Frequency-Tuned Drivers w/ Enhanced Black PCB


Unless specified, all sizes are L x H x W.

One Size Fits Most

Size | 5.5” x 5.5” x 4”