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All right, everyone, we want to start by saying that we believe guns are for everyone. So, we don't necessarily think there are "women's shotguns."

That said, we understand that a women's firearms category can help you decide on a first firearm or find a shotgun that is better suited to a female shooter.

The women's shotguns category is built for these women that are becoming interested in everything from hunting range guns. We have even included some accessories that we feel belong in this category.

Our women's shotguns are the firearms we find are most popular to purchase. These guns are typically lighter.

If you are wondering what makes a shotgun work well for a woman, here is what we believe. The same thing that makes a shotgun work well for a man - the best women's shotguns are easy to control, comfortable to carry and use, easy to operate, and of course, attractive.

Additionally, most of these shotguns are great for anyone that is generally more comfortable with a smaller firearm.

Check out our selection of women's shotguns below!

There are no products listed under this category.