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SOLGW x Garand Thumb Task Force 69 Rifle

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Sons of Liberty Gun Works x Garand Thumb Task Force 69 Rifle

Ladies, gentlemen, and my often forgotten, but never by me, Sons of Liberty Gun Works, and Garand Thumb die-hards, today we are happy to have the opportunity to offer a rifle that many have dared to dream of, the Garand Thumb 14.5” Mid-Length Rifle.

Designed with direct input and oversight by the legend myself, Sons of Liberty Gun Works has built this rifle tip-to-butt to his specs.

Chambered in 5.56, this rifle has a 14.5” barrel with a smooth shooting Mid-Length gas system, a 1:7 twist rate, and on the muzzle, a Surefire SF3P flash hider that is pinned and welded in place to give you a non-NFA overall barrel length.

Outside the barrel is a 13.75” M89 Drive Lock Rail, known for its mounting system.

Moving back, you’ll find the SOLGW upper and lower receivers, which are known for their tight tolerances and high-quality finish. The lower receiver features the SOLGW Scalper logo, and unique to this gun only, the Task Force 69 logo on the magwell, which alone is almost enough to justify your purchase.

And while we’re talking about the lower receiver, we should call out that this includes a Geissele SSA-E trigger which is a 2-stage, with a 3.5lb pull weight and is well known and loved by serious shooters everywhere.

Additionally, the Garand Thumb Rifle has the SOLGW ambidextrous Quick safety selector installed.

For a grip, a BCM MOD 0 was selected, and at the rear, a BCM MOD 0 buttstock was chosen to go on the SOLGW A5 buffer system.

Finally, the whole rifle receives a very durable Armor Black Cerakote finish.

Each Garand Thumb 14.5” Mid-Length Rifle includes 3 standard capacity 30rd magazines and a soft case.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of ghosting a trigger pull with Garand Thumb, go ahead and hit that add to cart button.


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